In 1955, Allan Cambier, one the founder members of
LMAC, became the 1st President of what was meant to
be the symbol of Big Game Fishing in Mauritius. Since
then, 31 different presidents were elected and headed
the committee governing the Club.


The current Executive Committee is composed of 8 members

In addition to the Executive Committee, the Club Manager Rémi Barrot, looks after the everyday running of the Club with the help of a sub-committee consisting of 1 Secretary, 4 Barmen, 1 Security Officer and 1 Maintenance

President: Yannick Vallet

Vice-President: Luc André Gallet

Treasurer: Pierre Koenig

Vice treasurer: Jean François Lagane

Secretary: Nicolas Margeot

Deputy Secretary: Emmanuel d’Hotman

President Social: James Colin Mayer

President Operations / T.O : Sébastien Lagane

Vice-President Operations/ T.O: Jean Pierre de Spéville

President of the Fishing Committee: Frédéric Camoin


Club Manager: Rémi Barrot

Executive Secretary: Isabelle Samouilhan

Everything at your doorstep!

Launching facilities

The Club’s head office is a friendly place with a family atmosphere where the members feel at home and benefit from the different facilities that are at their disposal. Its privileged location, overlooking Black River’s bay, gives the members the opportunity to enjoy the westerns coast’s legendary sunset right from the club’s terrace!

A bar serving snacks, a barbecue corner, a swimming pool, toilets and showers are some of the facilities that our members can enjoy while spending a day at the club. Several facilities and infrastructure are at the disposal of our anglers to guarantee amazing fishing days: Jetty, Slope of setting to water, Official IGFA Weigh Station, Boats Parking, Fuel pump.

Boat Parking

25 secured boat parking are available for LMAC members.

These boat parking are all within the club’s premises and are under 24/24hr monitoring. If the request exceeds the offer, the parking spaces are given to the members through a lucky draw taking place every two years.

For available parking space and applicable fees, please contact us.


Besides of all the infrastructures of the clubhouse’s premises we are happy to provide the following for rental:

– Boardroom for your private meetings and assemblies
– Hiring of the Clubhouse and barman services for your private evenings and dinners

Time for some fun!

All through the year, events and musical evenings are organised by the Club for the members and their guests.

Always in a festive and friendly environment, these evenings are a meeting place for our members and an opportunity to relax and have some fun. Fishing competitions always end with a prize-giving ceremony followed by a cocktail, a dinner or a barbecue with music, live bands and a good atmosphere where one will tell again and again about the anglers’ exciting fishing adventures and success stories!

Join Le Morne anglers Club family!